A message from our President:

Station Check is an innovative, private enterprise committed to doing well while doing good. We provide practical technology solutions that ensure the men and women of our first responder organizations are ready for emergencies ... and that their communities have the resources they need to recover quickly afterwards. 

We started by helping firefighters be more prepared and quickly found we were also servicing EMS from the beginning. Our flexible system handles all hazards, and we're building up our multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency capabilities as well because:

  • No community is insulated from mass shootings, whether they happen in parking lots, movie theatres or in schools. 

  • Decent society is waging a defensive war against radical foes employing brutal terrorist tactics. 9/11, made us all aware that foe has brought their battle to our soil.

  • Station Check is ready, willing, and able to help prepare for future attacks involving chemicals, biological agents, nuclear threats, radiological elements, and explosives (CBNRE). 

We make systems for those organizations that lead the defense against these threats -- from local response teams through Homeland Security. We use the best talent and technology that private enterprise has to offer to handle threats.

We're all about life, liberty, and happiness. Our systems save lives. We deliver the innovations that come when creative, hard-working people operate in liberty. This allows the decent people of the world to pursue happiness, more safely. 

Brian Sroub
President, Station Check
July 4, 2016


Company Information:

Corporate Headquarters:
Station Check LLC
843 Cleveland Massillon Road UP11C
Akron, Ohio 44333

USA small business
Fewer than 50 employees

In business since 2011.
Incorporated (as LLC) in 2014
Registered under Ohio securities laws

CAGE number available upon request

Systems for Awards Management (SAM) registered
Number available upon request

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