Top 10 Reasons for Checklist Automation

  1. Less paper. Paper checklists usually must be kept for at least seven years for state and federal audits. When the bosses see a room full of old paper, they see dollar signs.
  2. Reduced exposure. Even worse, that paper could be a ticking time bomb because no one is sure of what is really in those records. Do they expose the department to an unfavorable ISO audit? Might a lawyer find some damning evidence in there that the chief never knew about?
  3. Accountability: Nothing falls between the cracks. It’s very hard to know everything that goes on day-to-day at the station, and that’s a scary thought. The people releasing the funding will want to know that reliable procedures are being diligently followed, and that identified problems are being promptly addressed.
  4. Acceptance: The team will love it. Unlike many computer systems imposed on the workforce in the past, this one is actually easier to use – and even fun. It’s touch screen based and runs on a tablet or cell phone.
  5. Lawsuit defense. In the dangerous world of first responders people get injured and sometimes die. Regardless of intentions and effort, this can draw lawsuits. Vital to the department’s defense is to show that there was no contributory negligence – that is that all reasonable precautions were taken and documented. This results in smaller awards.
  6. Faster turnaround on broken equipment and out-of-service vehicles. Given the demands of the typical 24/48 shift and that almost 90% of all U.S. departments employ volunteers, it can often take days or even weeks to assign follow up work once a problem has been identified.  Station Check reduces that to minutes or hours, resulting in more equipment being ready at any given point with fewer dollars spent.
  7. Identify problems before failure. This system provides trend data on wear and repair patterns that are very difficult to harvest using paper forms. This allows better preventative maintenance regimens and informs equipment purchase decisions.
  8. More successful funding requests. With accurate reliable data – including no negative ISO audit results – the city, county, state and even federal funding sources will be more confident about sending money to your organization.
  9. Professionalism and leadership. People want to work for well-run departments. It gives them pride and camaraderie. It fosters job security and the sense of upward mobility.
  10. Better serve the mission. This is the reason most people chose to become first responders – to serve the community by preventing injury, protecting property and saving lives. With Station Check, the bosses can be assured they are affordably providing the best service possible to the people they serve.

Station Check is the leader in checklist and workflow automation for emergency responders. Learn more here or let us know how we can assist you!

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