Testimonials: Valley View

Don’t just take our word for it! One of our customers, Valley View Fire Department, explains how Station Check ensures that nothing falls between the cracks.

Top 10 Reasons for Checklist Automation

Less paper. Paper checklists usually must be kept for at least seven years for state and federal audits. When the bosses see… […]

The Case of the Runaway Tires

The captain was perplexed. The field reported a runaway tire coming off trailer #17.  That trailer was used to haul… […]

Station Check’s New Release Allows Integration with Most Popular Applications

Station Check, the leader in automated equipment checks and asset management for fire departments, announced today at FDIC International the… […]

Station Check named by Plain Dealer’s Tech Czar as “startup to watch”

An excerpt from the Plain Dealer business page – Sunday February 19: First-Responder Tech. An Akron-based tech company is creating… […]

What’s New? It All Fits on Your Phone…

Station Check recently introduced several major upgrades to its cloud-based software package for first responders.  To get a better understanding… […]

Cats in a Tree and other Short Stories from the Field…

We’re a rural fire department. We’ve all had our share of calls for rescuing a cat stuck in the tree,… […]

Clean Those Tires!

Many times when fire departments automate their paper checklists, they find some of the procedures they have been following haven’t… […]

You Need to Know, Before the ISO

Carl was just over a year into his job as a chief of a seven-station department located in a southeastern… […]

Checklists: Silly, Obvious … and Life Saving

Review of The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande  “It seems silly to make checklists for something that is so obvious.”… […]

Fight Fire with Technology

Most everything burns, and when it does, disaster can ensue. Historically, there have been some big ones: Rome nearly burned… […]