Cats in a Tree and other Short Stories from the Field…

We’re a rural fire department. We’ve all had our share of calls for rescuing a cat stuck in the tree, but our station seems to have taken it to the next level. Maybe everyone has seen these things, but in the last few years, we’ve also been called to save a dog whose head got stuck in a hole in a big old oak.  We got called to save a very large woman who got stuck in mud pool in her back yard.  We also pulled a few parachuters out of trees … and we even got called to pull out someone stuck on their toilet.  Boy oh boy, there are a lot of folks getting’ stuck out there these days!



One of our team’s younger members was on an EMS call for a lady giving birth near an accident location. He called into dispatch, “Do the words, ‘Saint Bernard crawling through a cat door’ mean anything to y’all?”

Apparently, our boy went pale as a sheet, but by all accounts, he stayed by the woman’s side, administering O2 through the whole birth. I’m happy to say, mom and baby were both ok, and your boy learned a little something about how the world works.

Doug H.


A few weeks ago, we got dispatched to an apartment building on the report a candle was burning through the floor of an upstairs neighbor. You never know quite what to expect.  We got to the scene and entered the upstairs apartment. Come to find out the person inside was practicing autoerotica when he fell over and knocked the candle over. Luckily for him his neighbor heard him yelling for help. The person was wearing only leather chaps and leather mask, bound to a chair. Not sure how he got himself in there, but we got him loose and put out the fire before it did too much damage.



I was running as an EMT basic on a weekend shift. It was about 2:00 pm when the tones for Fire & EMS were dropped, with the dispatcher reporting a “pedestrian/ motor vehicle – reported 3-year-old girl hit by truck with injuries.” My heart always skips a beat whenever the tones drop, but when a child is involved it’s much worse. I started playing out all the horror I was going to see and began to steel myself.

When I arrived on the scene, I saw an older lady and a young girl sitting on the lawn under a tree. As I ran up to them the little girl was crying, and the older lady had a paper towel pressed to her forehead. Asking what had happened, the older lady said, “Her older brother threw a truck and hit her in the head. She is bleeding.”  Turns out it was a little matchbox truck that the 3-year-old was hit with.

While it is funny to think back to, I mainly remember that incident as the time I was most relieved I have ever been in my life.

Scott A.


For all the life of me, I can’t see a firefighter going to Hell, at least not for very long. They would end up putting out all those hellfires, and the angry devils would run them out.

Patty V.

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